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Forum Addon - Installation

DM42 Addons are not currently available via git and must be manually installed. The following is the suggested procedure for installation.

  • Log into your hub via SSH and get to the root directory of your Hubzilla installation.
  • If this is the first DM42 Addon you have installed, create a subdirectory to store them.
# mkdir -p extend/addons/dm42-addons
  • Change into the subdirectory you have for DM42 Addons, then download the Forum addon.
# cd extend/addons/dm42-addons
# wget https://my.hosted.social/cloud/dm42hzaddons/releases/forum-2.0.1.tar.gz
  • If you have an existing installation of the addon, rename the directory as a backup (just in case.)
# mv forum forum.bak
  • Then unpack the new version.
# tar -xzf forum-2.0.1.tar.gz
  • If this is your initial installation, you need to add a symlink to the newly installed addon.
# cd ../../../addon
# ln -s ../extend/addon/dm42-addons/forum .
  • If you are upgrading your installation, you'll want to uninstall and reinstall the addon from your hub to make sure any needed changes are registered in the database. You can do this through the UI or you can use the command line tool. If this is your initial installation, you do not need to run the "uninstall" command.

  • Return to the root of your installation directory (where index.php and .htconfig.php are) and uninstall/reinstall the forum addon.

# util/addons uninstall forum
# util/addons install forum
  • The addon is installed to a channel through the normal addon management tools (Add Apps in the hamburger menu then click on "Available Apps," find the Forum addon and click Install).

You can now proceed to configuring your forum! See our How-to guides